June 9, 2023

Insights from Formula One newsletters and finding your niche.

👋 Hello newsletter enthusiasts and Formula One fans!

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Formula One?

Whether you've binge-watched all the seasons of Drive to Survive or have been an avid fan for years, the popularity and growth of Formula One cannot be ignored.

According to Forbes, Formula 1 saw record attendance in 2022 and is likely to surpass that in 2023. Total attendance for the 2022 season was ~5.7 million, “up 36% compared to 2019”.

The upward trend in attendance suggests a growing interest in Formula One and a prime market for specialized content that caters to the passionate fanbase.

But here's the extra exciting part: Even if you're not a motorsports enthusiast, there are valuable insights and applications that extend beyond Formula One.

In this analysis, we will embark on a “hot lap” of Formula One newsletters.

We'll explore why Formula One newsletters offer a unique opportunity to cater to specific interests within the motorsports community while providing valuable insights on finding a niche in any industry.

So, whether you're a dedicated Formula One aficionado or simply curious about the strategies behind successful niche newsletters, get ready to be inspired by these Formula One newsletters and how they engage a passionate audience and learn ways to apply these learnings to captivate a broader audience.

🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 Lights out, and away we gooooo!

🔑 Key observations

  • Find your niche (or superniche!): Identify a specific focus within your industry to cater to a dedicated audience and differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Embrace individuality: Develop a distinctive voice, tone and writing style that resonates with your readers and showcases your personality and expertise.
  • Engage with visuals: Utilize visuals, such as images, graphs and videos, to enhance your newsletter visually and convey information in an engaging manner.
  • Choose a platform: Consider different hosting platforms and select the one that best suits your needs and target audience.
  • Foster community engagement: Encourage interaction and discussion among your readers by providing platforms for them to connect, share their thoughts and contribute to the conversation.
  • Provide valuable insights: Deliver informative and insightful content that goes beyond surface-level news, offering analysis and unique perspectives.
  • Continuously adapt and improve: Stay attuned to your audience's preferences and feedback, evolving your newsletter over time.

📣 Shoutout to the 10 newsletters we featured

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🏎️ Newsletter overview

The Newsletter Newsletter

The Formula One newsletters we observed primarily consist of those created by independent creators, with the exception of Prime Tire, which operates under The Athletic, a larger media operation.

It's worth noting that these newsletters are relatively new, highlighting the recent surge of interest and growth in this space.

Musings on Formula 1 launched ~three years ago, while Prime Tire launched ~month ago and Time & Pace is a recent addition, starting just a couple of weeks ago.

🪞 Descriptions: Reflecting passion and expertise

The descriptions of the newsletters vary in terms of their focus and tone, reflecting the unique perspectives of the creators.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • APEX Bite: “Get Updated on Formula 1. Your weekly dose of high-octane F1 news & insights delivered straight to your inbox. Short bites with a touch of humour.”
  • F1 Fanatic: “The observations of a Formula One obsessed American.”
  • Motorsports Beat: “News, notes and analysis from the racing world.”
  • Musings on Formula 1: “I explain key moments from the world of F1 in my weekly newsletter.”
  • Race Recap: “Enjoy monthly insights on the latest buzz in Formula One from two fans — on LinkedIn.”
  • Engine Failure: “EF is a culture newsletter that dives into what the fuck is really going on in Formula 1. It’s written by me, Lily Herman.”
  • The Qualifier: “A free weekly newsletter that stays curious about the business and culture in sports.”
  • Time & Pace: “Exploring the intersection of watches and motorsport culture.”
  • Tracing Insights: “📈 Race Strategy, Tyre Degradation Analysis, post-race analysis, Comprehensive Analytics of F1. Subscribe for the latest updates. Bwoah! it's free 💚.”
  • Prime Tire: “Stay ahead of the curve with top F1 storylines from Patrick Iversen with Luke Smith and Madeline Coleman.”

Some newsletters highlight the personal perspective of the writers and their passion for Formula One. Like, F1 Fanatic is “the observations of a Formula One obsessed American”.

Others emphasize news, analysis and insights from the racing world, including race strategy and comprehensive analytics.

Each newsletter has its own unique personality, reflected in their descriptions.

Want to dive deeper into taglines and descriptions? Learn more about taglines and landing pages here.

🔍 Niche focus, zooming in

In the realm of newsletters, finding a niche or specific focus is key.

Many of the newsletters we explored demonstrate the importance of zooming in on specific areas of interest within a broader ecosystem. This allows creators to cater to a dedicated audience and provide valuable insights and content tailored to their interests.

For example, newsletters like Musings on Formula 1 and F1 Fanatic provide insights and observations about the world of Formula One, capturing the attention of fans who crave a deeper understanding of the sport. Tracing Insights takes a different approach by offering comprehensive analytics and analysis of race strategy and tire degradation, catering to those who seek a data-driven perspective.

It's not just about the races themselves, though. Some newsletters, such as Time & Pace, explore specific aspects beyond the track, delving into the intersection of watches and motorsport culture. This superniche focus appeals to enthusiasts who have a passion for both realms and appreciate the connection between them.

The presence of superniche newsletters within the community showcases the breadth of interests and the opportunity to provide specialized content that caters to specific segments of the fanbase.

By honing in on a niche, creators can foster a dedicated and engaged audience that values their unique insights and expertise.

🎨 A visual journey through Formula One newsletters

As we explored the world of Formula One newsletters, we noticed a variety in length, focus and visual presentation. Each newsletter had its own distinct approach.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those observations.

Length and Focus: From short and sweet to in-depth analysis

Based on the visual below, you can tell the length of the newsletters varied, offering a range of reading experiences.

The Newsletter Newsletter

Newsletters like Musings on Formula 1, F1 Fanatic, and The Qualifier were similar in overall length, providing concise and focused content.

For instance, The Qualifier delved into the topic of "Driver's Eye and the F1 Viewing Experience," complemented by visuals such as a tweet from the writer and a YouTube video highlighting the Driver's Eye perspective.

Musings on Formula 1 had a specific question as its focal point, such as "Will Daniel Ricciardo return to F1," incorporating visuals and external links to enhance the reader's understanding. Furthermore, engaging discussions in the comments section involving the writer, Steven Walton, added an interactive element.

F1 Fanatic followed a similar approach, but intertwined a specific topic with the recent Grand Prix.

Race Recap, true to its name, offered a comprehensive recap of the Miami and Monaco Grand Prix, similar in length to the newsletters mentioned above while incorporating a mix of images.

There was also a discussion in the comments with involvement from the writers, Hew Hoong Liang and Jonathan Khoo.

On the other hand, newsletters like Motorsports Beat, APEX Bite and Engine Failure were some of the longest.

Motorsports Beat covered a wide range of motorsports, including NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One. The newsletter's format typically consisted of a prominent image followed by lengthy text.

The various sections include a News and Notes section highlighting updates across NASCAR, IndyCar, F1, Supercars, Sports Car, Dirt, Short Tracks, Moto, Esports, Electric Racing, Rally, Drag Racing and “Other”. Along with an On Track This Week section highlighting events to watch this week.

There was also a Fast Fact and Special Thanks section.

APEX Bite was organized into various content sections, incorporating custom visuals as dividers.

The Newsletter Newsletter

They include a “FOLLOW US ON TWITTER” CTA that also helped divvy up the content sections.

The Fast Lane News section provided Formula One updates with links for readers to dive deeper. This is similar to other sections we’ve seen in other newsletters like The GIST’s picks in The GIST and the To-Do List in Morning Brew.

The Newsletter Newsletter

With an upcoming race, APEX Bite dedicated a section to highlight the Grand Prix, offering a TL;DR summary featuring lap records, corners and the number of laps.


Notably, the inclusion of visuals like tire compound graphics and weather forecasts added further depth and uniqueness to the newsletter.


Engaging writing styles: A unique voice in every newsletter

If no one has told you today: “You’re unique!”

One way this is demonstrated is through writing style.

One of the standout qualities of these Formula One newsletters is their ability to provide a unique and personalized perspective. Each newsletter brings its own voice, tone and writing style, captivating readers through engaging storytelling and distinct approaches.

Engine Failure

Engine Failure, for instance, launched ~August 2022, offering a distinct perspective from the writer. The newsletter reads like a conversation with a passionate fan, infused with their own unique tone and voice. Engaging anecdotes, such as the description of American driver Logan Sargeant's performance and the Conspiracy Corner section that encourages reader participation, add an extra layer of excitement and interaction.

Time & Pace delves even deeper into the Formula One world, exploring the intersection of watches and motorsport culture. The newsletter combines visual elements with sections like Content I Consumed this Week and a Fun Fact, enhancing the reader's experience and showcasing the writer's expertise.

Prime Tire focuses primarily on Formula One, leveraging the growing popularity of the sport in the United States. Co-written by up to three writers, it is also a recently launched newsletter. It’s tough to decide the unique perspective based on only a couple of newsletter sends, but so far it has offered an overview of upcoming races and aims to bring together the expertise of its contributors to provide insightful coverage.

Tracing Insights stands out due to the visuals and unique offering of stats and analysis.

Tracing Insights

Tracing Insights also takes a concept like overtaking and applied it to the specific Grand Prix.

For example:

  • “Overtaking Opportunities. Not easy, but there are opportunities given high tyre degradation, which means there should be pace differences between cars on different strategies. The long DRS zone on the main straight and the opening turns are where drivers will attempt to make their moves, or down the DRS straight on the run to Turn 10. Almost 80% of passes take place at Turn 1, while 77% of all passes at Barcelona use DRS.”

🛝 The playground of newsletter platforms

When it comes to Formula One newsletters, a variety of platforms have been embraced by creators to connect with their audience. Let's take a closer look at the popular platforms utilized in the Formula One community.

Substack and beehiiv

Among the newsletters we analyzed, Substack and beehiiv emerge as the top choices for hosting Formula One newsletters. These platforms have gained significant traction among independent writers and publishers, offering user-friendly interfaces and robust features that streamline the newsletter creation and distribution process.

Beyond Substack and beehiiv

While Substack and beehiiv dominate the Formula One newsletter landscape, it's worth noting that some creators opt for alternative platforms to host their newsletters. LinkedIn and Mailchimp, for example, have also been utilized by a select few.

This variety in platform choices emphasizes the flexibility and availability of options for creators and publishers, allowing them to select the platform that best aligns with their specific needs and target audience.

Tailoring platforms for your newsletter journey

With an array of platforms to choose from, creators and publishers have the ability to tailor their newsletter hosting experience to match their unique requirements. Whether it's the seamless integration with other professional networks on LinkedIn or the robust email marketing features of [INSERT PLATFORM OF CHOICE HERE], the availability of different platforms empowers creators and publishers to find the fit for their Formula One newsletters and effectively engage their audience.

⭐ Cultivating fans

The increasing popularity of Formula One newsletters reflects the dedicated following and the strong demand for engaging and informative content.

These newsletters serve as platforms that go beyond one-way communication, encouraging active participation and fostering a sense of community among fans.

One notable example is Race Recap, which positions itself as a platform for fans to relish monthly insights and engage in discussions about Formula One on LinkedIn.

By leveraging the professional networking platform, Race Recap provides a space for fans to connect, share their thoughts and deepen their understanding of the sport.

Additionally, some Substack and beehiiv-hosted newsletters also have discussion sections, further highlighting the significance of community engagement.

These discussions allow readers to interact with the writers and fellow fans, creating a dynamic dialogue within the Formula One community.

The emphasis on fostering community engagement and providing platforms for fans to share their passion is a testament to the importance of creating spaces where enthusiasts can actively participate in the Formula One conversation.

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