July 17, 2023

The power of Link Sections in your newsletter.

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We're back with another edition of The Newsletter Newsletter, where we dive deep into all things newsletters. This time, we're focusing on a feature you'll find lurking at the bottom of many of your favorite sends - the Link Section.

We’re not sure if it has an “official” name, but you've likely seen these before - a collection of links to articles, resources and other bits of content.

They go by many names, from “Etcetera” in 1440, to “Our Picks” in Axios Chicago to “Extra Upside” in The Daily Upside. Despite their humble placement, these sections can generate significant engagement and offer unique value to both readers and creators.

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🔑 Key observations

  • Ubiquity of Link Sections: It seems like almost every newsletter has a dedicated section for additional links. These are typically placed towards the end of the newsletters, but likely garner a significant amount of engagement.
  • They serve multiple purposes: Link Sections not only provide additional valuable content but are also sometimes used as ad spaces. They provide a subtler way to introduce sponsored content, and can sometimes generate more engagement due to their less conspicuous nature.
  • Make it your own: Link Sections vary in their presentation and naming, from “The GIST's Picks” to “Clip File”. This flexibility allows for creativity in integrating these sections seamlessly into your newsletter.
  • A potential engagement booster: With careful curation and relevance to the overall newsletter theme, Link Sections can increase reader engagement and become a high-value asset in your newsletter strategy.
  • We believe every part of a newsletter, from the headline to the footer, holds potential value: The Link Section can be a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed.

As we continue to refine our understanding of reader engagement, we'll uncover more innovative ways to utilize this often humble newsletter feature.

Remember, while Link Sections can be a valuable addition to your newsletter, it's essential to track engagement, maintain relevance, prioritize quality over quantity and clearly label sponsored content.

Link Sections out in the wild

Let's take a look at some real-world examples of how newsletters are creatively using their Link Sections:

The Tilt

The Tilt

"5 things from the tilt": A condensed section of the latest happenings in content marketing, swiftly provides readers with five must-know insights, updates and potential sponsored content, keeping them at the forefront of industry knowledge.

The Tilt

"things to know": This section offers a mix of industry news and resources, keeping readers informed about the latest in content marketing.

Axios Chicago

Axios Chicago

“Our picks": Here, readers find a collection of top articles, guides, and resources curated by the Axios Chicago team.

The Daily Upside

The Daily Upside

"Extra Upside": This section is a treasure trove of additional content and resources. It might include sponsored content that blends into the mix. Hopefully this offers readers more value while providing an additional revenue stream for the newsletter.

But these sections aren't just good for sharing external content – they also present an exciting opportunity for advertisers and creators alike.

Link Sections as ad spaces

By hosting subtler forms of advertising, Link Sections can offer a more organic, less intrusive experience for readers. It's a nuanced approach that may bypass the ad-radar many of us have developed, and stop us from scrolling.

For instance, a Link Section might include a sponsored link. To the reader, it feels less like an overt advertisement and more like a valuable or recommended resource.


Despite the potential for high engagement, these ad placements usually come at a lower cost than traditional ad spaces. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the likelihood of increased engagement, makes them an enticing prospect for advertisers.

This doesn't mean it's time to overcrowd your Link Section with ads.

The balance between content and advertising is crucial to maintaining reader trust. However, when used thoughtfully, these spaces offer a fresh way to monetize newsletters without compromising the reader experience.

Additional tips for Link Sections

  • Track engagement: Use analytics to track which links are getting the most clicks. This can give you insight into what content your readers are interested in and help you curate better Link Sections in the future.
  • Encourage reader contributions: Consider asking your readers to submit interesting links or resources. This can not only provide you with quality content for your Link Section but also increase engagement and build a stronger community around your newsletter.
  • Stay relevant: Ensure the links are relevant to your newsletter's main theme or your audience's interests. Irrelevant links can harm your reputation and cause your readers to lose trust in your curation abilities.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity: It can be tempting to fill your Link Section with as many resources as possible, but too many links can overwhelm your readers. Focus on providing a few high-quality links instead.
  • Clear labeling: If you're including sponsored content in your Link Section, it's important to clearly label these links to maintain trust and transparency with your readers.

Remember, the key to a successful Link Section - as with any part of your newsletter - is providing value to your readers. Keep their interests and needs at the forefront of your decisions, and your Link Section will become a high-value asset in your newsletter strategy.

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Remember, in the world of newsletters, even the smallest details can make a significant difference. So, get creative, stay curious and continue pushing the boundaries of what your newsletter can achieve.

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