August 4, 2023

Why the bottom of your email matters.

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The footer area of your email, that bottom-ish section, is an often under explored realm.

Yet it's a vital part of your email template that contains not just valuable and obligatory information like an unsubscribe link, but also provides a creative canvas for enhancing reader engagement.

Emails are typically consumed top to bottom, but some readers might scroll straight to the bottom in search of their favorite sections, specific CTAs or even the unsubscribe link.

This means the bottom of the email can be as important as the top for grabbing reader attention and driving engagement.

Let’s dive in.

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🔑 Key observations

  • The power of the bottom of the email: This area offers significant potential for boosting engagement, and can be as impactful as the top of your email.
  • Integration of referral programs and social media links: Embedding referral programs and social media links in this area can elevate audience engagement, targeting those readers who engage thoroughly with your content.
  • Interactive elements: Features such as feedback prompts or questions can encourage reader interaction, and also improve email deliverability.
  • Elements of fun: Personalized sign-offs or unique elements can help distinguish your newsletter, making the reader's journey to the bottom of the email both rewarding and memorable.
  • The footer as a hub: Transforming the footer area into a secondary repository of crucial links and FAQs can provide a functional and easy-to-access resource.
  • Prompts for paid subscriptions: Encouraging readers to become paying subscribers at the end of the email can be a strategic move, keeping this crucial CTA in the reader's view after they've consumed your content.
  • Personalized sign-offs and reminders: Thoughtful sign-offs can serve as reminders of why readers support your business. They can also provide resources and prompt further engagement like one-on-one calls or sponsorship opportunities.

This area of your email, when strategically designed and implemented, can become a potent tool in the newsletter creator's kit, driving engagement, loyalty and potentially revenue.


Referral programs are a common sight at the bottom of emails, and for a good reason.


According to a case study by Goethe University and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, referred customers often “generate higher profit margins, are more loyal and show a higher customer lifetime value (CLV),”

82% of small business owners cite referrals as the primary source of new business. - Constant Contact

For those interested in delving deeper into referral programs, we encourage you to check out our previously published article on the subject. In it, we discuss how you don't necessarily need a robust, swag-filled referral program to start receiving its benefits. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple request, asking subscribers to share your newsletter with someone who might appreciate it, much like how The Bear Cave and Fortune does it.

The Bear Cave


So, if you haven't yet, it might be time to consider adding a prompt like this to your email template. It's a small addition that can make a big difference.

Social media links are another common element found in email footers.

This makes sense when you consider the behavior of your readers. If they've reached the end of your email, they're likely fairly engaged with your content (or, indeed, they may be looking for that unsubscribe link).

Either way, their journey brought them here, which presents an opportunity for further engagement.

They might be interested in connecting on other platforms. If you haven't already incorporated social media links into your footer, it's worth considering.

Take a look at how we do it at The Newsletter Newsletter. We not only provide social media links at the bottom, but we also prompt our readers to interact with us with a friendly, "Say hi!" Have you taken a moment to say hi yet?

The Newsletter Newsletter

Incorporating social media links in your email footer is a small step that can potentially extend the conversation beyond the inbox, fostering a more vibrant community around your content.

The bottom portion of an email isn't just a functional necessity.

It can also be an opportunity to inject personality and fun into your newsletter, or perhaps even ask something of your readers.

For instance, consider deliverability. Marketing Examples uses an intriguing method:

Marketing Examples

There’s an ask, and if you do it and reply, they’ll send you something.

This not only boosts interaction with readers, but helps with deliverability.

It’s something you often see in a Welcome email or during sign up, but it doesn’t hurt to incorporate this type of interaction at the bottom part of your email. Or even add a static line to add “SENDER EMAIL” to your address book.

As we delve deeper into the topic of reader interaction and engagement, it's worth noting the prevalence of app download CTAs in this section of the email.

App Download CTAs

They can be displayed with applicable App Store icons:

CBS Mornings

Or even in a text-only format:


As the reader has made it this far, this section is also a great place to include interactive elements such as polls.

“What did you think of today’s newsletter?”

Increasingly popular in newsletters, a poll at the end of your email allows readers to provide immediate feedback, after, hopefully, consuming all the content.

The Peak

This provides some engagement via Clicks, but also valuable feedback from readers.

You might also notice Trivia Answers as well.

If you included trivia earlier in the email, the answer might be found at the bottom. This entices the readers to scroll through all of the content to get there.

Axios Sports, for instance, ends their newsletter with a sign-off from the writer(s) and the answers to the trivia question.

Axios Sports


Some newsletters, like 1440 and The Messenger, close with a quotation — the latter playfully dubbing this section "End Quote”.


The Messenger

Prompts to become a paying subscriber.

Some newsletters want the entire experience for the reader to be in the inbox and not to leave the email.

However, this area of the email has become a crucial space to encourage readers to become paying subscribers.

Take the example of Just Go Grind:

Just Go Grind

Just Go Grind teases full content within the newsletter but prompts readers to "become a paying subscriber to get access to this post and other subscriber-only content". This strategy, aimed at converting readers into paying subscribers, is delivered via beehiiv.

Similarly, Lenny’s Newsletter employs the same approach:

Lenny's Newsletter

Sent through Substack, Lenny’s Newsletter also uses the footer area to prompt readers towards subscription.

Both these instances illustrate how the bottom area of an email isn't an afterthought. Rather, it's a strategic space for pushing important calls-to-action, like becoming a paying subscriber, capitalizing on the readers who've stayed engaged till the end of the email.

Or maybe it’s just something for fun.

The Daily Upside, for example, concludes their newsletter with a "Just For Fun" section.

The Daily Upside

Email footers: The new navigation bar?

It seems like email footers have transformed into something akin to navigation bars, acting as secondary hubs of information.

Consider this example from Front Office Sports:

Front Office Sports

The footer isn't just a sign-off — it's a compact, user-friendly resource. It can host links to FAQs, sponsorship or advertisement inquiries, and more.

Interestingly, we've noticed that disclaimers, which often need to be included, are being tucked into this area.

The Newsette

CRE Daily

Sign-offs and reminders: Stand out with color, layout and interactive elements

This area of an email can also be leveraged to create a visual impact and encourage action. A stark change in color, as seen in Inside Tech, can draw the reader's attention to this important part of the email.

Inside Tech

Jay Clouse, author of Creator Science, uses a picture of himself and several prompts and calls-to-action to engage his readers in the email's closing section.

Creator Science

Moreover, footers can also serve as sign-offs and remind readers why they support a certain business and how they can be more involved.

Take this example from The Conversation: “Donate now to support research-based journalism,”

The Conversation

Meanwhile, Kevon Cheung from Public Lab thanks his readers and lists various resources, along with a prompt to book a 1:1 call or advertise in his newsletter.

Public Lab

These examples reinforce that email footers can be far more than an area for obligatory text or a polite sign-off. They can be a platform to express gratitude, a hub for resources and an opportunity for further engagement — all contributing towards a rewarding reader experience.

It's a valuable, versatile space that can enhance user experience and, potentially, engagement.


The Newsletter Newsletter

In the quest to grab our reader's attention at the onset of our emails, we often underestimate the power of the bottom of the email.

As we've explored, this humble area at the bottom of our newsletters is brimming with potential. It serves as a strategic spot to engage our audience, strengthen our brand and promote our services.

From incorporating referral programs and interactive elements to introducing exclusive prompts, the possibilities are endless. And the beauty is, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Each newsletter can uniquely use this space to mirror its tone and content, all the while providing value to its readers.

Whether it's using the footer as a secondary hub of information and links, placing a call-to-action to pay for your subscription, or simply making it a place to share fun and personal sign-offs, every element counts towards enhancing your reader's experience.

Think of this bottom part of your email like “the finishing touch.”

A thoughtful and interactive email footer can add that final polish that your newsletter needs to stand out in the crowded inbox. So go ahead, give your email footer the creative attention it deserves.

Until next week, happy emailing!

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