August 18, 2023

Monthly-ish recap.

πŸ‘‹ Hello newsletter enthusiasts,

Just like that, another month has zipped by! It’s time for our recap, and whether you missed an issue or just need a refresher, we've gathered some of our recent topics that you won't want to miss.

From exploring the world of Formula One newsletters and finding your niche, to leveraging the power of Link Sections in newsletters (you've likely come across them, or even use them!) β€” and, drumroll, please... the buzz around the upcoming iOS 17 update β€” we've got it all covered!

Here's what we've been barking about:

We hope you enjoy catching up on these topics and find inspiration for your own newsletters.

🐾 As always, thank you for reading and stay pawsome!

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We’re also trying something a little new this week. We thought we’d include this reminder for you:

Take a moment to remember that it's okay not to do everything perfectly.

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